Hunters Plan on Suing Anti-Hunting Governor

Anti-Hunting Governor 1This past week sportsmen laid out a plan to sue the anti-hunting Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy over his executive order banning bear hunting on state lands. The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, The Sportsmen’s Alliance, and Safari Club International have come together to spear head the suit and overturn the governor’s ridicules executive order.

According to NJ 101.5, Murphy had pledged to stop the bear hunt entirely as a candidate. But he said in August he’d instead block it in state lands, lacking the authority to eliminate it altogether. His order covers all state forests, parks, recreation areas, historic sites, wildlife management areas and natural areas.

“What we want is for New Jersey sportsmen to have access to the public lands that they pay for and support, to pursue their outdoor heritage,” NJOA spokesman Cody McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said bear hunters are paying for the upkeep of state lands through the Pittman-Robertson Act that was established in 1937. The act taxes the sales of hunting equipment, and specifically grants the proceeds to each state’s fish and wildlife department.

That means bear hunters are paying taxes to support and maintain the public lands, but they’re now prohibited from hunting on them.

McLaughlin said New Jersey’s bear population is reaching carrying capacity and the “conservation hunt” is a legal and scientifically sound way to prevent interactions between bears and humans.

Wildlife should not be ruled with emotion. It needs to be managed with sound science. Hunting has proven time and time again that it effective management tool. This anti-hunting Governor need to get on board.