Cameron Hanes Kills 3 legged bear and Social Media Erupts: Then Cameron Responds

Last week Cameron Hanes shot a huge bear in Alberta during their spring bear season. What makes this bear unique is that it was missing one of its paws. We cannot be sure how it happened, but as is the nature of bears a fight with another bear is not out of the question.

Cameron referred to the bear as an “Old Warrior” and rightfully so. But apparently killing this bear was unacceptable to a lot of people on social media. Cameron keeps his Facebook and Instagram feed pretty clean so he deleted a majority of the offensive comments, but when you read his response it is not hard to see what they were.

Here is Cameron’s Epic Response:

I’ve been thinking of some comments people made regarding the 3-legged bear we killed in Alberta this week. I called the bear an “old warrior” myself, and he was. What struck me was that some thought the bear deserved to live and that we shouldn’t have killed him. I wonder what they thought would happen to the bear if we hadn’t killed him? That he’d limp around on 3 legs forever and live happily ever after? Or maybe he’d live to see his 80th birthday and all his grandkids would come over for cake and he could tell them stories from the good old days? Well, truth is if his grandkids did come over he’d likely kill them and eat them because that’s what male bears do. It’s called infanticide. Male bear, boars, kill cubs to bring the females back into heat so they can breed them. Females won’t go into heat with cubs in tow but will once they are gone (dead). And, of course the 3-legged bear wouldn’t have lived until 80 years old because life in the wild dictates only the strong survive. You animal rights people know the wild right? If you look up from your Starbucks cappuccino, out the window, past the concrete jungle to the mountains way off in the distance where animals survive by claw and fang, you’ll see it. You should visit there sometime. No, the bear wouldn’t have got much older because a grizzly bear or a pack of wolves would have found him and with only 3 legs he couldn’t climb a tree to escape so he would have been basically eaten alive. He was already cut up (I’m looking at a wound) from fighting other black bear. I am sure he was a target because with his limp he was perceived to be weak. So, instead of a slow painful, death one arrow took him out in seconds. And, this tough beasts hide & skull will be revered and the meat yielded from this kill cherished. Black bear in Alberta must be managed (killed) because otherwise they will wipe out the moose. They follow pregnant cow moose and when they give birth to their calf the bear kill and eat them. Some might say humans don’t need to interfere by hunting bear, it will all “work itself out”. It won’t. Bear don’t care about protecting the moose population, they will kill them all then move on to deer fawns. Man has always been part of the equation as we’ve always hunted. And, we must continue to be. Hunting is conservation.

Hunting is the reason we have wildlife in this country. Wildlife was decimated by unregulated market hunting and extreme habitat loss. But hunters got together and saw what was happening. They put a stop to market hunting and set aside millions of acres of habitat. The wildlife we see today is a direct result of hunters.

Hunters continue the push for conservation and healthier wildlife numbers. Money spent on tags and license as well as hunting equipment gets put back into the land. When it comes to conservation no one does more.