Elk Hunter Brutally Attacked by Grizzly Bear

When you hunt in grizzly country you are not at the top of the food chain. An unlucky elk hunter found that out the hard way. Tom Sommer is luck to be alive today. Thank God he was hunting with a friend that was able to save his life.

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One of Tom’s friends Mike Asker posted his story:

So our dear friend Tom Sommer went elk hunting in MT. decided to tangle with a Grizzly this morning. Tom didn’t win but he made it out alive after a 5 mile mule ride after the incident. he is in hospital being stitched up. I will have more info as it trickles in. one thing is certain. there is no way the bear survived that bite. :). apparently Tom pulled his pistol but bear swiped it out of his hand. sounds like Tom was saved by quick thinking friend with pepper spray. I am sure lots more to come.

UPDATE: ok people. Tom just called. he is alive and well. in a little hospital in Ennis, MT. 90 stitches in his head. so the story goes they are on a ridge working elk, they spot a griz at 30 yards so Tom yells at it. Tom says apparently Griz don’t like to be yelled at. it charged. tom And partner Dan both pulled out pepper spray. Dan sprayed but Toms spray didn’t work so bear came after Tom. Tom ran behind a tree, bear kept coming. apparently bear chased Tom around tree twice, Tom got his pistol out turned to shoot, bear knocked his hand down. Tom hit ground. bear bit through thigh then put toms head in his mouth. while head in mouth tom tried to shoot bear in neck but bear stepped on hand /gun. Tom said he could hear his skull cracking. thought that was it. Dan shot bear at 2 feet with pepper spray. that’s all it took. bear ran off and tom shot at it but said he couldn’t see anything from all the blood and pepper spray in his face. 4 hours later after several hours on back of mule he is alive and in hospital. great spirits. was laughing. hope I did his story justice.

UPDATE…… crazy bastard is being released today!!!!!

Glad you are home and recovering Tom. God Bless you.