Grizzly Takes Shotgun Blast Point Blank and Keeps Charging {Video}

Grizzly Bears are nothing to be trifled with. They are one of the toughest animal out there and this video proves it. A mamma bear took a full shotgun blast to the face at close range and just kept coming. The man who delivered the blast was lucky to make it in the house before she got a hold of him.

According to the Mirror, an inquisitive grizzly bear was wandering close to a home in Bella Coola, Canada, with its three cubs, when homeowner Lawrence Michalchuk tried to scare him back in the woods. He decided to shoot a warning shot into the air to get the animal off his property and it appeared to work, as all four animals started retreating. Then Mamma Bear turned and charged.

“As soon as I did that she just put her ears down and head back and came [at me] full blast.” Said Michaluk.

Michalchuk shot at the bear, causing her to trip up, and giving him enough time to get away.

“Thank God it worked because it tripped her,” he said. “All I wanted to do is trip her. I dived in the door as quick as I could and I slammed the door and then she turned back towards her cubs.”

It is a good thing it worked because things could have gone bad quick. He is luck to not to have been serious injured or even killed. Messing with Mamma Griz is never a good idea.

The bear appears to be alright. they could find no blood and the bear left with her cubs seemingly alright.