Grunt Style Posts Hipster Hunting Picture and Gets Destroyed

First off, I want to say I love Grunt Style t-shirts, but your post trying to sell hunting shirts leaves me speechless. As a 18 Year army vet I can appreciate their dark sense of humor and no hold barred stylings.  But come on guys, you all should have at least a half a dozen veteran buddies that could show you how to properly shoot a bow and not come off looking like a ignorant hipsters.

Grunt Style 1

There is so much wrong with this picture I do not know where to start. But before we get into the his total lack of archery form, What in the wide wide world of sports is going on with his bicep? Does this guy just focus on triceps? Any way I digress. Let’s hear form the commenters.

Grunt Style 3

And Perhaps my Favorite comment

Grunt Style 5

The biggest take way is do not be posers, Grunt Style. There are plenty of Veterans that would gladly show you how to shoot a bow and be part of your ad campaign.

At least you gave us all a laugh, care on.