Hunter Harassment by Crazy Lady Caught on Camera

hunter harassmentHunter harassment is real. Imagine you are up in your stand minding your own business waiting on a deer to come by. All of a sudden this crazy lady walks up to you and starts harassing you. What do you do?

A hunter by the name of Bobby Elliot faced that exact situation and he handled it like a pro. He called the warden and reported the harassment plus he captured the encounter on video. He posted the following to his Facebook page.

Shout out to Officer Taylor with Rockport PD for his speedy response and for walking my back to my truck. Had this nutjob of a woman come trampling through the woods this morning looking lost. I gave a quick whistle to let her know I was there and not startle her when she eventually saw me.

Apparently, that struck a nerve and and she began scream obscenities calling me every name in the book for no apparent reason. I called Knox dispatch and Officer Taylor promptly found me still up in the tree. He diffused the situation and sent the woman on her way. I asked him to walk me out as I left my pistol in the truck and didn’t trust this lady. Glad he did because guess who was waiting next to my truck when we got there. Hopefully, this is the first and last time I have to deal with this. Hunter harassment is a real thing folks.

Not only did he do the right thing and let the authorities take care of the situation, he also admonished other hunters who made some “disgusting comments” on the video.

For the people wishing her harm and saying they would have shot her. This seriously detracts from the purpose of this video and continues to put law abiding hunters in a bad light. Never forget, always be respectful and strive to be a good ambassador for our way of life. I was deeply saddened and concerned by some of he disgusting comments left here.

Bobby is 100% correct. We are ambassadors for our sport and our “way of life.” Taking matters into your own hands would do nothing, but give all hunters a black eye.

Every state has hunter harassment laws on the books to protect hunter and trappers. Hunters need to use these resources when confronted with such situations.