Is This the New World Record Northern Pike?

Big fish are caught all the time, but its rare that someone catches a fish that could be a new world record. Last year a new world record crappie was caught, now it looks like we may have new world record northern pike.

According to the Hlehle Blog, Bulgaria Angler Petar Filipov caught one of the largest northern pikes of all time in his native country. The pike tipped the scales at 55.78 lbs and measured 55.12 inches long. The current world record Nothern Pike is 55 lbs and 1 oz.

Peter detailed the story of his potential record here.

I fish a few favorite lakes. I’ve been fishing them for years, observing the changes all the time. One of them was normal lake 10 years ago. You usually caught pike between 1kg and 2kg. Sometimes 5-7 kg. There was a lot of crucian carp, rudd, perch and more. After a few years everything had changed. All these fish almost disappear. I talked to local anglers and they had really bad results. They struggle even when using live baits. There were still big carps spawning but there was almost no small fish. They said that poaching is not a problem on this lake. I and my friends couldn’t catch anything in this lake anymore. So it started to be suspicious to me. I spent a lot of time fishing all typical pike spots on the lake – nothing. So I decided to try a live bait instead and after a few hours I caught only a small jack. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to find out what had happened to the lake. What is the reason of this change. Not many anglers anymore, no poachers, no small pike but still not many fish at all… So I started to think it’s because of some serious predator , maybe huge pike. In October I decided to change everything in my tactic. I decided to fish only big lures and completely different spots like for example deep holes that I hadn’t fished before … and it did worked ! The strike wasn’t typical hit but more like a very strong stoppage. I hooked and soon the water erupted. The beginning of the fight was brutal and mad but it didn’t take much time. She run for 10 meters three times and that was about it . After 10 minutes she was mine. I was surprised that she didn’t jump or shake her head at all. She was massive and I was thinking how to land it without hurting her but fortunately she was really calm when I took her out of the water.

Obviously, this is the biggest pike Peter has ever caught, but this pike destroys his own personal record. before this the biggest pike he ever caught only weighed 10 kg which is about 22 lbs.

I do not know what kind of process is needed to certify Peter’s world record norther pike or if it ever will be certified. If it is not he still has quite the story to tell.