Outfitter Sentenced to 25 Years for Ripping Off Hunters

A judge sentenced 34-year-old Andrew Wulf of Tipton, Iowa, to 25 years in prison. He received 25 for ongoing criminal conduct, and another 10 for his two counts of second degree theft. He will be serving the convictions concurrently so he will only spend 25 years in prison.

Wulf was arrested last year for “selling” hunts in Iowa and never following through with the hunt. He would charge hunters a down payment of $2500. Once the hunters arrived, they did not receive what was promised. A lot of victims were abandoned and never met by Wulf and the ones that did were given the run around.

According to KTVO.com,Wulf tried to persuade the judge to let him off with probation.

“I’ve made my mistakes in my life and I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and I’d like to – I can do things better, and if I get probation I can make somethings right,” Wulf said.

The judge sided with prosecutors and issued close to max that they recommended. The decision to issue such a hard sentence came after the prosecution read two letters, each from the victims of Wulf’s deer hunting business. The victim impact statements called Wulf a “thief” saying his practices were “dishonest and deceitful.”

“I think that the jury spoke here, made the right decision and I think justice was done here in Davis County,” said prosecutor Rick Lynch.

Aside from his prison term, Wulf will also have to pay over $8,700 in restitution fees to the three out-of-state hunters who signed contracts with Wulf.

I am glad the judge threw the book at him. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for other that want to take advantage of other people. He will now have a long time to think about his wrong doings and hopefully learn from them and in 25 years when he gets out he will become a productive member of society.