5 Hunting Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

Are you experiencing a summer lull because you cannot be in your tree stand?

If so you need to check out these hunting podcasts. Not only do they offer great information on hunting issues, they are fun and entertaining. You will not be disappointed. So go onto Sticher or iTunes and download one of these great hunting resources.

5. Wired to hunt

Are you a Whitetail addict? Have you ever called in to work sick because of buck fever? Then this pod cast is for you. Mark Kenyon alongside Dan Johnson talk to guest from all over the whitetail world. It is the perfect mix of tips, tactics and humor. With over 100 episodes in the books you have hours of entertainment to look forward to.

4. Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a world class bow hunter and endurance athlete. He focuses on training your body to become the ultimate predator. He offers a down to earth approach that inspires you to “keep hammering.” Just listening to him talk makes you want to become a better and stronger hunter.

3. Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney

If the most interesting man in the world talked hunting and conservation it would be Shane Mahoney. The man has a golden voice smooth as butter. The podcast is different than the others on the list. It listens more like a dramatic reading then a radio show, but the content is out of this world. When it comes to conservation there is no greater resource then Shane Mahoney.

2. Hunt Talk Radio with Randy Newberg

If you hunt public land in the west you already know the name Randy Newberg. Many hunters already enjoy his TV show, now you can get a double dose of him with his weekly podcast. He dives deep into the politics of hunting and breaks it down Barney style. I like that he is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to controversial hunting topics. Throw in a healthy scoop of fun hunting stories and adventures and you have one great pod cast.

1. MeatEater Podcast with Steve Rinella

What can I say about this podcast? Other then it is amazing. It reminds me of hanging out with my best friends around a campfire, telling hunting stories. Steve is a master story teller and has some of the most interesting guests you can imagine. You get so engrossed in the conversation that time seems to fly. I guarantee that after listening to episode you will learn something new and have a good time doing it.