Seven Year-Old in Serious Condition After Cougar Attack

Humans and animal are always coming into contact. Most of the time the contact is innocent, but other times it can be very serious. Large predators sometimes mistake humans for food, and the results can be catastrophic.

According to CTV New- Vancouver Island, a seven-year-old boy is in serious condition with injuries to his head, neck and arms after being mauled by at least two cougars near Lake Cowichan.

The child was flown by air ambulance to a local hospital. The family is asking for privacy.

Wildlife Officers were able to locate two cougars on the property and dispatched the quickly.

“From the first look, they’re quite thin. They’re young cats, not looking like they’re doing very well,” explained Sgt. Scott Norris with BC Conservation Officer Service. “Cats that are not very well fed are usually the ones who are going to take chances and doing things they shouldn’t necessarily be doing.”

Please keep this child and family in your prayers. Pray that he makes a full recovery and suffers no ill effects.