Trophy Antlers the Gross and Nasty Way

Antlers are a thing of beauty and the bigger the better. Hunters will go to the ends of the earth and put themselves through hell to acquire a trophy set. Ryan Jamison of Idaho did just that to get the antlers of an awesome bull elk he named Mr. Stinky Head.

Ryan found a large bull that had died of natural causes last September. The problem was he could not salvage the antlers until Idaho Fish and Game gave him the OK. By the time they checked it out and determined it was legal for Ryan take passion of it the elk had been dead for a couple weeks.

As everyone knows dead animals and 85 degree weather do not mix very well and let’s just say the elk was pretty ripe when Ryan got back out there. It takes him awhile to get the head off the body, partly because he throws up a couple of time during the process.

As he pulls the head free you can see a geyser of maggots coming off the head. I can only imagine the smell. But he overcame and got the skull home. It is now cleaned up and hanging up.

What really ring true to me is when he said, “It would be a shame to leave these antlers on the side of the mountain only to be chewed up by porcupines, squirrels and other wild creatures.” It is a testament to how much hunters admire the animal.

Awesome Job Ryan and great story.

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