10 Animals You Did Not Know You Could Hunt

There are a lot of animals in the world

Believe it or not we can hunt many of them legally.

Here are 10 animals you did not know you could hunt

10. Musk Deer

Who would not want to shoot a deer with fangs? You can hunt them in Russia

9. Kangaroo

They are like deer down in Australia. And they taste pretty good as well.

8. Peacock

That tail fan would put any turkey to shame. Just head over to New Zealand and shoot you one.

7. Dingo

Head back to Outback to find Australia’s only wild dog, just don’t let it eat your baby.

6. Honey Badger

He may not care, but you can hunt him.


5. Capybara

Do you want to hunt the world’s largest rodent? Just head on down to South America.

4. Iguana

They are an invasive species in Puerto Rico so there is no bag limit.

3. SealsJust Kidding

Yes you can hunt them in Iceland, but you might not be able to bring them home

2. Baboon

One of the only primates legal to hunt, but you have to go to Africa.

1. Coatimundi

You do not have to leave the USA to hunt these furbearers just head down to Arizona.

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