10 Hilariously Bad Hunting Tattoos

Think and plan your tattoo out before getting one.

These people made bad decisions!

Let’s all have a good laugh at their mistakes.

1. This guy was fully committed but should have used a better artist

2. I don’t know if this is dumb or genius

3. I am a big fan of Nintendo but let’s not do this!

4. What the heck is this?

5. Let’s make fun of vegetarians real quick


6. Haha what can I say. Alcohol was definitely a contributing factor!

7. Turkey are ugly! Let’s avoid putting them on our body

8. What did this guy take in order to think this was a good idea?

9. Know your body type!

10. This is either the best or worst tattoo. I will give it to this guy though, it’s hilarious!

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