10 People that are Influencing Hunting for the Better

10. Survival/Subsistence Shows 

Sure they might not be a specific person, but these shows have been called the “Gate way drug to hunting.”Television shows such as Survival Man, Alaska the Last Frontier, and Life Below Zero are some peoples first look at killing wild animals for food. They have inspired people to take the next step in securing wild food for themselves.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games is one of the first mainstream movies to show hunting in a positive light. Jennifer Lawrence, as Katniss Everdeen, uses her hunting skills to survive a disturbing game. As a result of the movies popularity she has inspired many girls to pick up a bow and arrow and some of those have tried hunting for the first time.

8. Randy Newburg

Hunting personality and public lands advocate, Randy Newburg is changing hunting from the inside. He has inspired many hunters to be more politically active, especially when it comes to public lands. The divesture of public lands is the greatest threat facing hunters today and Randy has been there since the beginning to sound the alarm.

7. Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey has been a household name in the hunting industry for years. He has hunted all over the world and conservation has followed him. His outfitting business has helped many countries set up conservation programs.

6. Shane Mahoney

He may be the least know person on this list, but he is a giant in the world of conservation. Many see him as the upmost authority on sustainable use and conservation. His company Conservation Visions is “focused on providing a broad scope of comprehensive services to stakeholders in the international conservation community, including industry leaders, governments and NGOs. Services range from creating scientific research solutions to offering policy advice to generating public communications.” If you have not heard him speak you are truly missing out.


5. Andrew Zimmer

Bizarre Food has been seen by millions of people around the world and in almost every episode he can be seen hunting or at least enjoying wild food. This may not seem like much, but he is showing the world that hunters and anglers take pride in their culture and enjoy the food which hunting provides.

4. Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has only been hunting for a few years but he is already making an impact on the non- hunting world. His podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, reaches thousands of people each day. His in your face, easy listening style has shown people who have never been exposed to hunting, its true value and importance in a modern society.

3. Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is an endurance athlete and bow hunter. He has inspired hunters and non- hunters alike to “Keep Hammering” and be the best person they can be. He is a fierce defender of public lands and one of hunting greatest ambassador.

2. Steve Rinella

Steve Rinella’s show Meat Eater has changed the face of outdoor television; it is the most realistic hunting show out there. It strives to tell the story of the hunt, and not just the kill. Because of this the show has crossed over into the mainstream by being one of the first hunting shows featured on Netflix. Steve has a way of presenting a story that speaks to all people not just hunters. He is well read and well spoken and has a way with words that breaks down hunting philosophy into bite size chunks so everyone can digest it.

1. You

All of these people are doing great things for hunting, but the people that do the most are the average every day hunter. We are the face of hunting to your neighbor, your coworkers, and the people on the street. We must always conduct ourselves in a respectful manner while in the field. We are hunting’s greatest ambassadors, so take someone hunting and share the bounty of the harvest.