10 X 10 Bull Elk Killed on Highway

According to a post in the group Washington Elk Hunting, a monster bull was hit by a car on “Hanley Highway.” It says the bull was a 10 x 10 and judging by the pictures that does not seem like a

The post does not give much to go on but if you go to the comment section there are a few comments that shed more light on the incident.

One post reports that the truck that hit it was totaled, but no one was hurt. Another poster Kimberly Johns posted that her Family was able to salvage the elk.

My husband and family were the ones who got the elk on a salvage permit. So every bit of that bull will be used. It is to bad he wasn’t harvested during a hunting season, but at least he
wasn’t a total waste.

You can check out more pictures below:

That is a huge bull it is a shame it went out like that. I am glad they were able to save the meat and that amazing set of antlers.