10-year-old girl shoots potential state record black bear

We do not have much information at this time, but we do know that 10-year-old Naiya shot her first bear on the opening day of the Wisconsin bear season, and it may be a record!

Michael Frank posted on Facebook, “My hunting partner Naiya took a 718.5-pound black bear.” he added, ” We were told to field dress him out in the field to preserve the meat. So we stopped at the Black River Falls DNR and are now waiting to talk to the Wildlife Manager, who will tell us the formula they use to calculate the weight of the entrails.

It is relatively easy to calculate the live weight of a bear after field dressing. Its entrails are approximately 11%-14.5% of its weight. Calculating an addition 12.5% would add 90 pounds, bringing the live weight to 808.5 pounds!

That is an absolute beast! Congratulations Naiya! As we get more information, we will keep you updated.