Ten people are currently under investigation in the illegal killing of over 100 animals. This is the worst case in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s history.

It all began last winter when Oregon State Troopers found headless bucks on numerous trails. They set up hidden cameras to catch the people responsible, eventually capturing two men in action.

“These guys aren’t hunters. They’re serial poachers. On a scale of one to ten, they’re tens,” said WDFW Deputy Chief Mike Cenci. “They have no regard for the natural resources they’re pursuing. There’s no spiritual connection. They just want to kill stuff.”

It wasn’t just deer the poachers were targeting either, it was multiple other species including bear, elk and even a bobcat in Cowlitz County.

The ten people under investigation illegally used hounds to kill up to 30 bears. All while filming the whole thing. They then skinned the animals and left the meat to rot. Some of the footage obtained is disgusting.

Several of the suspected poachers also have prior poaching convictions. We’ll bring you more on this story as it develops here at Whackstar Hunters.

Warning, this one will make your blood boil.

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