$1,000 Bounty Placed on Tagged Walleye

In my opinion, walleye is one of the tastiest fish out there. Every year I try and get up to Lake Erie and catch a few for the fryer. They are fun to catch and delicious but not everyone loves walleye. And while these fish are native to many lakes in the northeastern US, they are an invasive species other places.

Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho is one of these places. Walleye populations in the lake have exploded and they are having a devastating effect on native fish. So wildlife officials there have come up with an interesting bounty program to encourage anglers to specifically target these fish.

According to WLTX News, Idaho Fish and Game have tagged 50 walleye fish and released them back into the lake. Anyone who catches and turns in a fish with a metal tag in its jaw will receive $1,000. 

They also have a monthly drawing where you can enter to win $100. You receive one entry per untagged walleye caught in the lake. All you have to do is present the head.

As of right now none of the tagged fish have been turned in so there is $50,000 swimming around in the lake. All you have to do is catch it.

For me, this is a no-lose situation for fisherman. You can go home with a super tasty fish and possible a wallet full of money.