101 Year Old Woman Kills Two Deer with One Shot

It is not often that a person kills a deer past there 100 birthday much less two, and even less likely is two at the same time. But Bertha Vickers of Morgantown, Mississippi did just that. She dropped two does with one shot while sitting in her hunting blind.

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Vickers has had a tough season. Up until this past week she had missed four deer. But she did not let that get her down she was bound and determined to get one on the ground.

She was sitting in her blind this week when a small deer stepped out. She decided to wait to hope a bigger one would show itself. Soon after that, a big doe made an appearance.

“I decided to wait for a bigger one,” Vickers said. “Before long, a bigger doe came out and I shot.

“Then I saw two deer on the ground. It shot plum through both of them. They both dropped right there. They didn’t take another step. I knew it was back there, but I didn’t realize it was that close to her where it could get shot.”

She did not mean to shoot both of them. but now she has plenty of deer meat for the freezer, but for her, hunting isn’t about stocking up on meat as it once was when times were lean and there were children to feed. Now, it’s simply about making memories and enjoying the outdoors. It’s also something she plans to continue doing.

“When you’re as old as I am, you naturally think each one could be your last one, but I’m going to go as long as I can,” Vickers said. “I enjoy it. I love being outside.”

I hope I can still be outside at that age doing what I love. Congratulations, Bertha may the Lord bless you with many more years of hunting.