12 Year old May have just Shot South Carolina’s New State Record Buck

Justin Hodges of McCormick County, South Carolina just may have gotten himself into the record books.

While hunting on Veteran’s day with his dad Justin was able to drop a 19 point monster. The buck green scored at 178, two inches more than the current record. After the mandatory 60 day drying period we will see if it holds up.

Justin had a string of bad luck missing three bucks earlier in the season. His dad discovered that scope malfunctioned and decided to let his son use his rifle. He is glad he did because when the buck stepped out at 100 yards Justin was able deliver a lethal shot.

They did not realize how big the buck was until they compared it to the 154 inch buck one of their cousins shot in Kansas a few years back. Justin said, “My Buck made my cousins look like a baby.” Congratulations Kid.

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