13 Of The Craziest Fishing Lures You Will Ever See

13 Crazy Fishing Lures

I don’t know if they will catch fish or not, but they are sure to catch a laugh.

13. I have heard Pikes and Musky like baby ducks, so it might work.

12. Beer cap and a wine cork for the alcoholic Fisherman.

11. It is like a fly but with a little more bite.

10. Pull tap cans and pin up girls everything a fish needs.


9. You might be a redneck if….

8. Not sure about this one.

7. I cannot tell if it’s a joint of meat or a mangled finger.


6. Aliens

5. DOH!

4. Maybe if you want to scare the fish


3. Hippies like fishing too

2. Now that’s a crappy lure.

1. Why?

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