14-Year-Old Girl Kills Two Bucks with One Arrow

Life sometimes is stranger than fiction. If I wrote this story in a book, it would not have been taken seriously and seen as completely unbelievable. But thanks to a completely freak accident it really happened.

According to Fox 11 out of Green Bay, 14-year-old Matiah Christensen killed two bucks with one arrow. As best that can be figured the arrow deflected off of the rib of the 8-point buck she aiming at and slit the throat of 3-point that was standing nearby.

Early in the hunt, the 3-point walked by but Matiah decided to wait on something bigger. The buck later returned along with a few does and a nice 8-point. She took careful aim at the larger buck and shot.

“When I had it in aim, I shot and we didn’t know if I hit anything because they all ran in different directions,” said Matiah.

They found blood and followed it for a long way only to discover the dead 3-point rather than the 8-point they were expecting.

“I was like disappointed because I didn’t want to shoot that and that would have been an awful shot if I missed the 8-pointer and got the 3-pointer because it was not even close,” said Matiah.

They returned to the shot site and found a second blood trail leading off in a different direction. They followed that and found the 8-point with a complete pass through.

“There was a long blood trail so we figured it must have went through the eight-pointer and deflected off a rib and sliced the three-pointer’s neck,” said Matiah.

So now Matiah found herself in a predicament. She had two dead bucks and only one tag. So her and her father did the right thing and called the Department of Natural Resources and explained the situation. They allowed her to put her tag on the 8-point and keep the antlers of the 3-point.

She plans on displaying both sets of antlers together along with her lucky arrow.

Note: Matiah has received some blowback from commentators on the Fox 11’s Facebook post. First off, it is obvious that it was not done on purpose and it was investigated by the game warden. Due to the fact that they let her keep the antlers of the second buck, I believe they also thought it was a complete accident and she did nothing wrong. So please show her some love and support.