16 Vintage Gun Ads That Would Be Offensive Now

We live in a very politically correct society these days.

Guns are hot button issue, so we are bringing you a look at what gun ads used to be like.

By today’s standards people would lose their minds over these.

1. Even Santa Clause used to deliver Stevens on Christmas Eve.

.2 Nobody wants a dull vacation, make sure to get your Remington .22 today.

3. While not exactly a gun ad but good to know your Jockeys will hold your child’s revolver.

4. The Thompson SMG nothing better to stop an Indian ambush.


5. S&W for that you or him situation.

6. Some wives happen to be both.

7. Take my money PLEASE!!!

8. This is from an old Sears catalog believe it or not.


9. So safe you child can sleep with it.

10. Hammer the hammer, really?

11. Hunting will make you a better soldier.

12. Who doesn’t want a gun lamp?


13. Nothing says freedom like the 7.62X39

14. $170? I’ll take two.

15. The classic Winchester 

16. The classic Winchester spoof. 

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