16 Year old Receives Death Threats for Subsistence Hunt

A 16 year old boy received a ton of internet back lash and death threats after his family post the pictures of his subsistence hunt. What makes this hunt a little different is that the young man was able to harvest a whale.

According to the Daily Mail, Chris Apassingok, 16, hunted a 57-foot bowhead whale back in April near his remote Siberian Yupik village of Gambell on Alaska’s northwest edge. He received praise from local hunters and even had an article written about him in the local paper. The whale was butchered and fed the entire village.

Environmental activist Paul Watson – who is the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – shared a local newspaper’s story about Chris’ hunt on Facebook.

His post, which has since been deleted, began: “WTF, You 16-Year Old Murdering Little B******! Some 16-year old kid is a frigging “hero” for snuffing out the life of this unique self aware, intelligent, social, sentient being, but hey, it’s okay because murdering whales is a part of his culture, part of his tradition.

“I don’t give a damn for the bulls**t politically correct attitude that certain groups of people have a “right” to murder a whale.”

Following Watson’s post, Chris was hit with a barrage of abusive messages and death threats from the activist’s followers.

The teenager’s mother, Susan Apassingok, says that he hasn’t fully recovered from the harassment.  She said six weeks after the hunt, Chris stopped going to school, he barely spoke and his
mood darkened.

“I can’t get anything out of him,” Susan said.

“We struggle to buy gas, food, they risk their lives out there to feed us, while this Paul Watson will never have to suffer a day in his life. Why is he going after a child such as my son”

The small Alaskan village is still living off the meat from the whale Chris killed. Alaska Natives have been hunting whales in the region for 2,000-odd years. They follow a quota system from the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, which means they can only hunt a few whales each year. It equates to between 600 and 1,000 tons of food.

I hope this young man can put these hateful and ignorant comments behind him and keep providing for his family and village. God Bless you.

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