17 Year-Old Hunter Killed Alledgidly Mistaken for a Deer

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Bobby Lane. Bobby was shot while hunting near Brunswick, Georgia last Saturday.

According to USA Today, Bobby Lane, 17, had gone hunting with Hector Romero, 32, according to a statement from the Glynn County Police Department. While Lane was in an “area of heavy foliage,” Romero allegedly mistook him for a deer and shot him with a rifle, police said. 

Romero was able to meet first responders at a nearby gas station but it was too late. Lane was pronounced dead at the hospital. The incident is under investigation.

Currently, it is archery season in Georgia and illegal to shoot a deer with a rifle. This could result in charges being filed against Romero, but officials are waiting for the outcome of the investigation to file any charges.

Please say a prayer for Bobby Lane’s family and remember to be safe while hunting this year.