1700 lb water buffalo gores bowhunter nearly killing him

Chris McSherry, 35, was bow hunting water buffalo in Australia with his friend. The hunt would not go as planned.

Water buffalo are extremely strong and dangerous animals to hunt. McSherry found this out quickly after he shot a 1700 lb buffalo with his bow.

When the buffalo dropped, McSherry waited a few minutes then approached the animal. When he got there, the buffalo attacked. He told NT news all about the hunt.

“I managed to turn and get about three steps in before he was on my back and gored his horns into my upper thigh, pushing me forward.” Mcsherry continued “[The buffalo] put the horns into me again, picked me up by the right leg and flung me about three meters.”

The buffalo pushed McSherry around for a while until he was able to roll away. The buffalo died from his wounds a little while later.

McSherry was then rushed to Gove Hospital. He was later flown to Darwin for surgery on several deep wounds across his lower body.

Although the buffalo almost killed him, McSherry will not give up hunting. He posted on Facebook about the incident saying

“Buff is dead I’m alive (this time). [I] hope to be back with my family and friends soon, thanks for all the well wishes on other posts.”

“I appreciate the love and support and will live to HUNT another day.”

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