200 Poaching Charges Filed Against Seven Men

Washington Fish and Game are calling this the worst case of poaching they have ever seen. It involves 7 men who have illegally killed more than 100 black bears, cougars, bobcats, deer and elk in southwestern Washington state and northwestern Oregon. Almost 200 hundred charges were filed against the men who are now awaiting trial.

According to Fox 12 KPTV, the 50-plus poaching expeditions date back to 2015. The vast majority took place within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, often in remote areas either closed to hunting or in areas where special permits are required.

On many of the poaching expeditions the men used dogs, which is illegal to hunt with in Oregon and Washington. Black bears were the most popular target. The men would bay the bears with dogs kill the bear, pose with the bear and leave the meat to rot.

“There was an absolute wanton disregard for our conservations laws,” Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Capt. Jeff Wickersham said.

Unfortunately anti-hunters will seize footage and stories like this and try to tie it regulated hunting. These men are not hunters they are poachers and the most despicable kind of poacher there is. They kill for the thrill and waste the meat. They are truly disgusting humans and the judge needs to throw the book at them.

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