204″ Buck Returned to Hunter After Being Taken By DNR

17-year-old Ragan Paramore went hunting on November 10th after seeing a monster buck on his trail cam. After talking to his dad, he decided to go out hunting and purchase his license on his phone. He claims that he had trouble with the purchase, but in the end, he thought his purchase went through. It did not go through, and the DNR ended up at his house, took the deer, and gave him a ticket.

“I logged in and went to purchase my license,” said Ragan. “It just sat there and loaded and loaded and loaded. I probably tried three or four times. I tried on WiFi and LTE. There’s just a little thing that was spinning on the phone. I thought my license had gone through until I went to tag the deer that afternoon on my phone, and it (Game Check) wasn’t there,” said Ragan. “After I tried to tag the buck, I told daddy about it.”

Jeff Paramore, Ragan’s father, tried to get the license for over an hour before successfully making the purchase. They originally had a court date, but later received a call.

“They said we didn’t have to appear. All he had to do was pay the fine, and the horns would be awarded back to him,” Jeff said. “It was a God honest mistake. There was never any intent to do anything wrong,” Jeff said. “This kid was heartbroken.”

In the end, the 17-year-old received a $237 fine and got the antlers back. I hate to see someone get away with poaching, but if this kid is telling the truth, I also feel for him. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.