2nd Amendment supporters defeated by Supreme Court

The Supreme court declined to rule on a New York City gun law that stops individuals from taking their guns outside of the city. The lack of a clear ruling leaves room for municipalities to enact similar anti-gun legislation in the future.

The New York City ordinance, adopted in 2001, said residents with the proper permits could take handguns outside their homes to city shooting ranges if they were unloaded and in locked containers. But the guns could not be taken beyond city limits.

Three residents challenged the ruling saying they wanted to take their guns to other shooting ranges, shooting competitions, and second homes. They argued that caring an unloaded gun in a locked case did not pose any significant safety risk. The residents asked the Supreme Court to take up the case after the law was upheld by two lower courts.

In a 6-3 ruling, the court decided the case was moot since the law has since been revised. The revised version allows residents to take handguns outside of city limits as long as their trip is “direct, continuous, and uninterrupted.” 

Justice Samuel Alito, joined by Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, said the court should have decided the case and declared the restriction unconstitutional.