3.5 Lb. Trouser Snake caught in Oklahoma

If you read the title and wondered what a Trouser Snake is I will clear it up for you. It is a dildo. In Oklahoma Blake Edwards was fishing with his dad, and he thought he caught a huge fish. He started to fight the 16 inch monster like it was a fish. When he finally reeled in the 3.5 pound hog and had a funny picture to post to his Facebook page. when catching fish there is a simple rule that I think still applies. Through back the small ones, keep the medium ones, and mount the big ones.

here is his Facebook post.

Now. I’ve done a lot of fishing over the past few years. And I’ve caught a lot of different or odd things. Like coffee cans, beer cans, bricks tied to rope for anchors or rocks with holes just big enough to catch the hook. But today. Today marks a new for me and boy let me you it was uh different. So me and my dad were catching the crap out of them today, we quit counting it was just one after another and the sun started to come and shade moved a little so we moved over to some docks. So I throw my KVD Strikeking lipless crankbait off into the dock and boom. Fish on. So I set the hook and fight it for a minute and feel the weight and holler ring to my dad oh it’s a good one it’s a good one. So. Now were to the good point. So I get it closer to the boat and realize it’s not a fish but not really sure what it is? So I notice some like netting and panty hose and think oh it’s some sort of food holder deal to attract fish or whatever. And upon further investigation, I realize. ITS A FREAKING 16” DONG HAMMER!!!! I CAUGHT A 16” DILDO AND FOUGHT IT LIKE A FISH!! Me and my dad laughed for probably 2 hours sounding like two little girls to the point where we couldn’t breathe anymore from laughing. Gonna get this baby mounted up! Weighs 3.5 lbs!!!

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