3 friends ‘massacred’ during fishing trip

In Polk county Florida three friends were “massacred” while on a fishing trip. Sheriff Grady Judd called it on of the worst murder scenes he has ever seen.

Three friends, Brandon Rollins, 27, Keven Springfield, 30, and Damion Tillman, 23, were meeting for some ‘night fishing’ according to Judd.

“It’s about as far out in the middle of the woods as you can get,” Judd said. “It’s a peaceful area. There’s a beautiful lake where three very close friends were going fishing last night.”

Judd believes Tillman arrived first and was murdered as soon as he got there. While murdering Tillman, Rollins and Springfield arrived in another vehicle. Investigators believe they were immediately “shot up.”

“Here’s what the murderers didn’t count on,” Judd said. “One of our victims, Brandon Rollins, was able to call his father and say, ‘help.’”

The sheriff said Rollins’ father heard the call, got up, got dressed, and drove to the lake. When he arrived, he witnessed what had happened.

Brandon was able to have final words with his father before he died. The information given to his father about the suspects remains confidential, the sheriff’s office said.

“These folks appear to be beaten and shot,” Judd said. “Do you hear me? Beaten and shot.”

Judd could not release information about whether the murders were random, or targeted.

“One or more murderers that killed three people in a little country community,” Judd said. “A very safe, very quiet community. Murdered them while they were on their way to go catfishing last night.”

There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer.

“I’ve been to a lot of murder scenes in my life, and this ranks among the worst I’ve been to,” Judd said.