40,000 Minks Released from Fur Farm

Early Monday morning someone released somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 mink form a Minnesota fur farm. The perpetrators dismantled a fence and released the animals from their cages. Now native wildlife is threatened by the influx of preditors.

According to MPRNews.org, The mink were released from Lang Farms near Eden Valley, Minnesota. The company estimates the value of the animals at roughly $750,000. As of right now they do not have any suspects, but fur farms have been a target of animal rights groups in the past. In 2013, activists let loose some 450 mink from a farm in southeastern Minnesota in an incident that appears similar to the latest one in Stearns County.

“Because these mink were domesticated they will not survive in the wild, though some mink may survive initially and may be loose in the area,” the sheriff’s office said.

Lang Farms is asking residents to call them so “experienced mink handlers” can recapture the animals.

Hopefully they can get this situation under control and the escaped minks can be recaptured before they can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem. Sometimes I wonder if animal rights activist even have a basic understanding of ecology.

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