.45-70 Derringer Hand Cannon {VIDEO}

The name Derringer has become synonymous with any small pistol that fires one projectile per barrel. The original was a small compact muzzleloading pistol invented by Henry Deringer in 1825 and was also the pistol used to assassinate President Lincoln. It was this incident that led to the common spelling we have today when newspapers added the extra “r” to Henry’s name.

The first Derringer was .41 caliber, but today you can find them in a wide variety of cablibers. Because of their small fram most of the calibers remane small as well, but not all of them.

Introducing the M-4 Alaskan Survival .45-70 Derringer. The top barrel is chambered in .45-70 while the bottom barrel is chambered to shoot either .45 long colt or .410 shotgun shells. The gun’s barrel length is 4.1″, overall length is 6″ and it only weighs 16.5 oz, so it kicks like a mule.

BigDaddyHoffman1911 posted a video of him shooting the gun to his YouTube channel.