The 6 North American Subspecies Of Wild Turkey

Turkey season is right around the corner

If your thinking about attempting the world slam, here is what you need

1. Meleagris gallopavo or the eastern wild turkey. This is the most common wild turkey in North America. It can be found in 38 states and parts of Canada. They have the longest beards of any subspecies!

2. Osceola or Florida wild turkey. Are darker than their northern cousins. They are only found in southern Florida and considered the toughest turkey to call in. It may surprise you to learn they can run up to 25 MPH and fly up to 55 MPH according to the national wild turkey federation!

3. Rio grand wild turkey is native to the southern plains states. It has relatively long legs and light tan tips on its fan.

4. Merriams wild turkey was named in 1900 in honor of Clinton Hart Merriam. With a population around 350,000 you will need to go west to hunt this one. The central hub for these turkey are in the Rocky Mountains.

5. Gould’s wild turkey is the hardest to get a tag for. Their are only a few tags available in New Mexico each year. This is the largest subspecies of turkey in the US.

6. South Mexican wild turkey or the ocellated wild turkey is only found in The Yucatán peninsula, northern Belize, and northern Guatemala. The rainbow colors of this beautiful bird make it a dream hunt for many hunters!

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