6 shocking things you must know before buying fishing lures. (number 4 could land you your biggest fish)

Let me be upfront about why I am publishing this information. My time in the soft plastic lure industry has taught me a lot about what provides high-quality lures that will help catch more fish and save you money. That is why I bought DeLong Lures, the first-ever soft plastic lure company. This article will give you a look into six things most companies do not want you to know.

  1. most soft plastics are made to break down.

If you want to see which of your soft plastic fishing lures are made with high-quality plastic, leave them in your tackle box on a hot day. Many lures will break down into liquid when you heat them, and this is because the easy way to make a lure is to use very soft plastic that can be melted down and put in an injection mold that can be mass-produced. Many companies use this low-quality plastic because they can quickly make a bunch of lures and increase profits.

2. most companies use the same molds to make the same lure.

Because there are many people making lures as a hobby, they buy the same molds from the same company and make the same lure. While this is a lot of fun, it does not give you that added benefits of throwing a bait that fish have not seen. With an increase in fishing, these fish are getting hooked by the same lure multiple times and becoming less likely to bite on it when you cast it out there. check out this unique lure (bass witch)

3. Most soft plastic lures will not catch more than a few fish before breaking.

How many fish do you catch on a soft plastic bait before it starts to look chewed up? There is a wide variety in quality with these lures, but pre-rigged lures made with high-quality plastic can catch five times as many fish before breaking.

4. most lures are not scented because it is expensive

I do not want to give away my secret sent that I use, but it was developed by David Delong in 1946 and still works today. This scent is not cheap to buy and is mixed directly into the plastic. Most lures are not scented, and the ones that are will typically just put a few drops of scent in the packaging, so it smells scented but does not last.

5. Pre rigged lures are easy to use and great for kids

I love to fish with my kids, and pre-rigged lures make that experience much better. I tie a swivel on my daughters’ line, and she can easily switch out lures and colors quickly. This little trick helps keep kids engaged and develop a love of fishing that will last a lifetime. We even provide a kids pack that has a variety of lures that are perfect for kids

6. Many soft plastic lures are made in China

I will not talk bad about any other companies, but DeLong Lures are %100 made in America. While that may cut down on profit, it is a higher quality lure you can count on.

I hope this article helps educate your next purchasing decision with soft plastic lures. If you are planning on fishing or know someone who does, check out all the lures we have to offer at www.delonglures.com