600 Pound Bear Killed by Vehicle

A gigantic bear was struck and killed by a vehicle last week. It was reported that the bear was 600 pounds and by looking at the pictures, he was every bit that and maybe more.

According to Fox 8 News, A car slammed into a 600-pound black bear, wrecking the car and killing the bear, Monday in Washington County, North Carolina. Thankfully the occupants of the car were fine, but that can not be said for the bear.

The North Carolina Black Bear Festival posted the story to their Facebook page and issued a statement.

“We have an expanding human population and an expanding black bear population that are literally colliding on our highways in Eastern NC,” the festival wrote. “In 1972 there (were) only 2 bears killed on NC highways. In 2011, there were 272 bears killed on NC highways.”

“The bottom line here is ‘Be Bear Aware’ when you are driving here in Bear-olina,” the festival said.

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