The 7 Deadly Deer Hunting Mistakes

Now For the Top 3

3. You Bought a Cheap Scope.

You just purchased a $1,000 shotgun, but put a $79.99 scope on top of it. Now your sitting in the stand with a monster buck in front of you but you can’t get a shot because your scope is fogged up or it is not letting in enough light. Pretty much you get what you pay for. If your gonna buy a really nice gun, buy a really nice scope to go with it.

2. Putting Too Much Stock in Hunting Shows.

I’m not saying some of the hunters on TV don’t know what they are talking about. Many of them can give very sound advice but the truth is that deer are not the same wherever you hunt, and not all tactics will work in every locale. Spend more time learning how deer react to things like rattling and mock scrapes where you hunt, and less time watching TV. There’s no substitute for having a good understanding of deer on your property, and learning the nuisances of whitetail behavior will make you a better hunter.

1. You Move Too Much.


The eyes of a deer are designed to detect movement. Many hunters spend a small fortune on camouflage clothing, but spend their time in their stands fidgeting, shuffling their feet and making too much noise. If you’re trying to ambush a good buck, the best thing you can do is learn to sit still for long periods of time. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue – it will also get you within shooting range of many deer.

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