The 7 Deadly Deer Hunting Mistakes

Hunters make many mistakes.

By eliminating these deadly 7 you will be more successful in woods.

7. You Overhunt your Best Stands.

We all have that “ONE” stand. What we like call our best stand. A recent study showed that just sitting in a deer stand one time made bucks of all ages avoid the area for three full days. So in summary don’t hunt the same stand everyday. Give it rest. If at all possible only hunt that best stand when the weather, the wind, and all factors are in your favor.

6. You Pay Little Attention to How You Enter/Exit Stands.

Many hunters just slop around through the woods to get to their stands with little regard to the way your getting to your stand. Think about it, how many times have you jumped bedded deer on the way out for an evening hunt. Many times it makes your hunt feel already over. So pay attention to where you can be seen and where you are leaving your scent. Always avoid walking through or next to bedding areas whenever possible.

5. You Hunt On Top of Food Plots/Deer Sign.


Research has shown that mature bucks often avoid food plots and checking rubs/scrapes until dark. So set up 50-100 yards from deer sign and your plots, and you’ll give yourself better odds of seeing Mr. Big before the sun goes down.

4. You Haven’t Checked Your Equipment.

Everything wears down from use, including bow strings and cables, treestand straps and even hunting clothing and footwear. Regardless of the hunting equipment you use, any of it could potentially fail at the worst possible time. Carefully inspect all equipment now and replace what needs to be replaced. If you don’t, you’ll pay for it later.