8-year-old boy shot in a hunting accident

Beaufort, South Carolina, has now seen its second deer hunting accident this year. A hunter was shot and killed in September while walking back to his truck during a deer hunt. Now an 8-year-old boy has been shot by deer hunters that were using dogs and buckshot.

An 8-year-old boy was shot around 5:45 on Monday by deer hunters. The boy was hit with buckshot in the arm and required bandages but did not go to the hospital.

DNR K-9 found shotgun shells 275 yards from where the boy was shot. The boy told police he had seen a deer run across the road and saw a hunter shoot at it when he felt something hit his arm.

4 hunting dogs were found by deputies and turned over to Beaufort County Animal Control.

The investigation is still ongoing at this point. Let this remind everyone to make sure you know what is behind your target. These types of incidents are not good for the future of hunting.