89yr Old Lady Shoots Her First Deer

Most hunters start early in life, but not Jeanie Cardin of Hardin, Montana.


She waited 89 years to put her first deer on the ground. Even though she has been around guns most of her life and has been described as a “Dead Shot,” she never decided to put her sites on a deer.

She has killed skunks, porcupines, and pheasants and even a dog that was killing her chickens. I guess she just never got around to deer. This year she got her opportunity and with one shot at a friend’s farm she got the job done. One shot with a Remington 22-250 dropped the doe in her tracks.


She now has a freezer full of meat and says she is up for going again if she gets the chance. She was really excited to get the heart and liver two of her favorites.

Congrats Jeanie, you earned it.

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