9-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest Hunter to Complete the Michigan Slam

When it comes to hunting 9-year-old Braeleigh Miller has an impressive resume, she is one of the few hunters and by far the youngest to complete what is known as the Michigan Slam.

Braeleigh of Sunfield Michigan completed the accomplishment this year when she became the youngest hunter to ever harvest a Michigan black bear. She added that to her earlier harvests of whitetail deer, wild turkey, and elk.

Braeleigh began hunting with her dad at an early age and she found success early. In 2016 at age five she harvested her first turkey and whitetail. In 2019 she became the youngest hunter in Michigan to ever harvest an elk and this year she became the youngest hunter in Michigan to harvest a black bear.

I was fortunate enough to speak with her dad, Gunnar and he is incredibly proud of her. Especially with the bear she just harvested. She hunted hard last year and was not able to get one but the family that donated her the elk tag to her in 2019 donated a bear tag to her so she could try again this year. Her dad said she hunted for six straight days last year and six days this year before being able to harvest her bear on the last evening of her hunt.

When Braeleigh is not hunting she enjoys softball, fishing, and playing with Barbies, but according to her dad hunting is her passion and when she grows up she wants to be like her idol, Eva Shockey.

Congratulations, Braeleigh on you amazing accomplishment keep up your passion, and like you always say, “Dream Big and Aim Small”

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