9-Year-Old Suspend after Teacher Spies BB Gun during Virtual School

It seems like this story gets repeated every few weeks, a teacher oversteps their role and intrudes on parents’ role to manage their homes and what a child is allowed to possess and have in their room.

According to the Daily Wire, 9-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison was suspended by virtual school after a teacher spied a BB gun in his room. Initially, he faced expulsions, but his sentence was reduced to a suspension after a hearing last week.

n Louisiana, nine-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison was in his bedroom taking a test over a video stream when his teacher began waving at him, The Washington Post reported. Since he was taking a test, Harrison’s computer was muted so he didn’t know why his teacher seemed upset. He moved to unmute her, but the livestream ended.

“This is an injustice. It’s a systemic failure,” family attorney Chelsea Cusimano told the Post. “They’re applying on-campus rules to these children, even though they’re learning virtually in their own homes.”

This is the third such incident that we have reported on since the COVID pandemic forced schools to switch to a virtual environment. You can read about the one in Colorado HERE and the one in Maryland HERE.