9-Year-Old Tragically Killed in Hunting Accident

Please keep the family of Gunnar Holte in your prayers after he was accidently killed while hunting with his father.

Gunnar with his family

Nebraska ABC 8 reported that Gunnar was pheasant hunting with his father when the accident occurred. The boy had just shot a bird and was reloading his gun when his father heard another shot go off. He looked over at his son and saw the boy drop to the ground with a self-inflicted gunshot.

An off duty policeman was in the area and assisted the father in administering CPR until he could be taken to a hospital.

Gunnar was taken to Bryan West Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Please keep this family in your prayers and if you would like to donate to the families GoFundMe you can HERE.

Every year we there are hunting accidents that could be avoided. Please be careful when you are enjoying the great outdoors and always be cognoscente of what you are doing.