9-yr Old Ohio Girl Shamed By School Teacher For Shooting Deer


A 9-yr old girl from Ohio was a very proud girl on Nov 20th(Ohio Youth Gun Season).

This young hunter was full of excitement after tagging the big buck and who could blame her? It was her first deer. Now, the family have a tradition when one of its members takes his or her first deer, they celebrate it. In this case, that included getting a sweatshirt made with the girl’s photo on it with her deer. The family made sure the photo had no blood or anything senseable people would find offensive.

She proudly wore her new sweatshirt to school. I would have done the same. one of her teachers at the school ridiculed her for the shooting of the deer. “killing animals is not what we do.” Further ridicule then followed from some of her fellow students. She was pushed and shamed to the point she threw her sweatshirt away as soon as she got home.

“We’re a farming family, and (ancestors) have lived in this area since 1827,” said  mother “So, she’s used to raising livestock, planting crops, and planting fields for wildlife as well as hunting.” the mother went to school officials seeking an apology. The hunt was well inside the lines of the law, not to mention, during the youth season the ODNR sets aside just for the young hunters.

No apology was given. “The principal’s quote to me was ‘we don’t have dead animals in school,’” the mother said. “So, I asked her what they serve in the cafeteria?”

This was the girl’s first year hunting. We hope this will not be her last.

These are the things we face as hunter sometimes. People who have no understanding of nature or the cycles of life. There is no greater bond than that between a hunter and the nature that surrounds him.

Credit due: Outdoornews.com