A 74-year-old woman wrestles alligator to save her dog!

Only in Florida would a grandma jump on an alligator to save her dog.

Suzan Marciano, 74, of Florida, was walking her dog Nalu near a lake at Burt Aaronson Park outside Boca Baton. A six-foot alligator attacked her golden retriever mix grandma Marciano jumped into action, and she landed on top of the gator, and the gator turned on her. She was bitten on the hand, and her dog got away. The gator must have been scared of Marciano since it let go and ran away.

“My heart dropped,” Marciano told The Palm Beach Post. “I wasn’t thinking. I did the only thing I could do. I came down on the alligator with all my weight.” 

Suzan Marciano had blood pouring out of her hand, so she called a friend. The friend had to convince her to go to the hospital to get it looked at. She ended up with five stitches, and her dog went through a 2-hour surgery to recover.

“I had this feeling that she was going to survive,” Marciano said. “If she survived [the attack], she can survive the surgery.”

“Every couple of hours, I was breaking into tears for no apparent reason,” Marciano said. “I was still seeing the shadow with two eyes looking up from out of the water. That image kept coming back to me.” 

Marciano avoided the lake for a few weeks, but she is back to taking her usual walk with her dog around the lake.