A Group Poachers Killed Close to 100 Turkeys in One Season Get Arrested

In what has been described as one of the most blatant disregard for wildlife laws, a group of Mississippi poachers face hundreds of charges.

According to the Mississippi Division of Wildlife, Fish, and Parks, a group of South Mississippians believed to have killed nearly 100 turkeys during the 2019 season have been charged and arrested.  Now 14 people face around 280 wildlife violations.

Following an 11-month investigation that spanned multiple counties, wildlife officers arrested individuals and issued citations to the remaining ten.

The people arrested are as follows:

  • Kenneth Ray Britt, (39 of Wesson, MS); charged with 142 wildlife violations.
  • Tony Grant Smith, (25 of Wesson, MS); charged with 68 wildlife violations.
  • Allen Shelton Morgan, (48 of Brookhaven, MS); charged with 28 violations.
  • Breanna Jeanine McKay, (26 of Wesson, MS); charged with 5 violations.

These people are believed to be the ones who poaching nearly 100 turkeys and trespassing on 15 properties across five counties. It was also discovered their poaching was not limited to Mississippi. The investigation turned up evidence of the group poaching in other states. The US Fish and Wild Department are now conducting their investigation.

“This is the most blatant disregard for Mississippi’s conservation laws I have seen in my thirty-three years of service with this Agency,” says Colonel Steve Adcock.  “The primary mission of the MDWFP Law Enforcement Bureau is to detect and hold accountable those persons who jeopardize our rich hunting heritage by committing lawless acts such as these.”    

Hopefully, the feds finish up their investigation and go ahead and pile more charges onto these people.

Hunters and Poachers are the same. One is a steward of the land while the others steal from it. I talk about this and more in my book,  Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter.