A man thought he hit a dog with his car ends up being a coyote

 CNN– Eli Boroditsky was driving to his night shift last week on a narrow rural road in Manitoba, Canada, when his car hit what he thought was a dog streaking across the dark road. After he clipped the animal, it flew into the ditch on the shoulder. He parked and used a small flashlight to get a look. “I thought it was a German shepherd or a husky,” he told CNN news partner CBC. “I didn’t think it was a wild animal.” Boroditsky said he was reluctant to leave it lying on the side of the road. “It is amazing how docile it was. I was petting it,” he said. So, to protect it from predators in the night, he picked up the animal and laid it on the floor of his Hyundai. Boroditsky drove the last mile or so for his 10 p.m. shift at the Bothwell Cheese factory in New Bothwell, Manitoba, just south of Winnipeg. But a coworker went out to look at the animal and delivered him a big surprise. That “dog,” the coworker said, was actually a coyote.

It is important to remember that coyotes can be extremely dangerous. This man may have been lucky but the next person might not be. In this man’s defense, his heart was in the right place. I could definitely see this happening to a person that is unfamiliar with coyotes.