A new revolutionary tree stand is changing hunting! [VIDEO]

A Pennsylvania man has come up with a new tree stand that could change hunting forever. The new tree stand is designed to lift those with disabilities into the tree. This will go a long way in helping many of us hunt our favorite spots well into our old age.

Shawn Booth has always been an avid hunter. Booth was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma 20 years ago and has been in remission ever since. This past year, he got some more unfortunate medical news. He showed signs of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

“In December toward the closing season for me hunting, I was barely able to climb into a tree stand. I started losing strength and was worried about what I was going to do for the coming years. How would I continue to do something that I enjoy?”

That is when he came up with an idea to make a motorized tree stand that will lift you up the tree. It is heavy but can easily put up with a couple of people.

The tree stands are sold in separate pieces and will run you close to $1000 to have the entire set up. It is a price I would be willing to pay in order to keep my dad or grandpa hunting a few extra years. Each sale that is made will help support those with cancer, motor neuron disease, and wounded warriors.

Here is a video from their website showing the entire process of setting it up.