A Reminder of Gun Safety! [WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES]

I came across some pictures on Facebook that really disturbed me.

Images of a young hunter named JT with a massive flesh wound flashed across my screen. JT was shot by a friend, on accident, during a water fowl hunt on January 14th 2018.  This happened in a way that could very easily happen to any of us. I talked to JTs dad on Facebook, and he wanted everyone to be aware of the story saying “Yes, yes! Please share this! We are just hoping that our bad experience will save someone else’s life!”

The latest on his recovery is that he is doing well and wants to get home! He will have a wound vac in for 2-3 weeks then the doctors will determine if he needs skin graphs.

here is the story and pictures that he shared. I hope this is a good reminder to all hunters!

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On 1/14/18 our world went into a whirl wind! So here are the details as well as can be remembered!

JT had went duck hunting with two of his buddies on Lake Conway! They had finished setting up the decoy spread and standing around the cypress trees. One of his buddies started feeling sick to his stomach, so they decided to take him home. So they started to gather up their guns. One of the guns didn’t have sling on it so they had set it up on the cypress limbs to keep it out of the water. His buddy reached up to get it and it snagged on a limb and went off. The shot hit JT in the right shoulder blade and knocked him down into the water. JT gets out on the bank thinking that he wasn’t shot and maybe it had just went through his wader jacket. He removes his coat, hoodie and shirt to see what the damage was. So he had his buddy take a picture. JT decides that it’s just a flesh wound and wants to continue hunting. Puts back on his clothes, while his buddy is talking him into going to the house (hard headed boy). So JT takes the sick buddy home and then come to the house. That’s when he walks into our bedroom and turns on the light and says quietly and calmly, Mom, Dad. I look up and see him standing with his back turned to me with this big nasty hole in it! My first thought was he had been attacked by a dog. Looked like a dog bite at first glance anyways. I asked what the heck happened to your back. He looks over his shoulder and says, Oh I got shot! Scared me and Kara to death!

He has been a trooper through all of this! He just looked at me as I’m typing this and said, I hope that this will save some people!

Keep JT in your prayers and also his two buddies! No one was at fault in this, it was an accident! The healing will take awhile, both physically and mentally!

I Thank God every minute that I have this story to tell, because it could have been worse! And thank you all for your Prayers and concern!

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people

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