“Abandoned Puppy” is actually a Coyote

A southern California hiker found a new born “puppy” on the side of a trail. He scooped the little guy up and called the San Diego Humane Society. After Officers got there they discovered that the puppy was actually a baby coyote.

According to the KCRA Channel 3, the coyote was taken to a wild animal rehabilitation facility. The facility plans on returning the coyote back to the wild when he is old enough to survive on his own.

The guy that found the baby coyote is getting a little bit of criticism online. Some people are worried that its mother is sad and is looking for it. A few comments I read suggested that they just take it back where he got it.

In reality that would be a death sentence for the pup. More than likely some other predator would make short work of him.

Personally, I think the hiker saved its life. It is not normal for such a young coyote to be outside of the den. It would not have lasted too long on his own, but that is how nature is. It is not always pretty.